Getting Bold with CRO Experts

Valerio Massacci, Elisa Fratini, Luca Catania and Brian Cugelman

We love to share knowledge at Blexr, so we invited UX and CRO experts to spread their expertise among us – further proof that learning new skills is #betterwithblexr 

Our head of growth and insights, Luca Catania, organised Let’s Bold, an event where people were encouraged to recycle old ideas, dig out their past failures and discuss what they’d learned about UX and conversion rate optimisation.

Luca dug into his contacts book and got three specialists to visit us from overseas.

Brian Cugelman is an expert in behavioural science, data science and digital media who has previously worked for the Pentagon and the United Nations. Elisa Fratini works in user research and is a senior UX manager at PwC in Italy, and Valerio Massacci is a senior CX manager, also at PwC. 

A room filled with Blexrians and those members of the public who signed up for this free event split into groups and were visited by the three guest speakers, as well as Luca himself.

The attendees at Let's Bold

Each discussion began by the speaker pulling an item out of a box and then relaying a story linked to it, before taking questions on the topics raised.

The items included a shirt on a hanger, a tripod for a mobile phone, a masquerade mask and a decorative strip of cloth birds.

Luca said: “I was really happy to get such excellent people, who have so much knowledge, to speak at Blexr’s first Let’s Bold event.

“These three don’t speak out as much as some people, but they know a lot of stuff. It’s great that they agreed to share their ideas and stories with us.”

Elisa said those working on new ideas “don’t need to be sad because they failed”.

She added: “In those cases, at least you have learned something new. And even if you don’t have the power to change the world, you have to learn from failures, manage them and take what you learned from that experience.”

Valerio spoke of the importance of talking about “how to work with and conduct research for your clients”.

He said: “It’s great to plant seeds and spread the culture of learning and thinking and working on how to improve.”

Keep an eye on our social media feeds on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter for future Let’s Bold events, where more guest speakers will be sharing what they know.