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Why Collaborate
With Blexr?

We’re growing into one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies in the lead generation industry. We have a long list of web properties under our belt and satisfied partners that praise the Blexr name. 

One of the reasons for this is that we can create unique services and a custom package tailored to your needs. We’ll work closely with you to optimise your brand exposure and drive a robust flow of quality traffic and ample conversions to your door. 

Our hard-working commercial team has got you covered, with our account managers constantly analysing stats and checking the performance of your brand to ensure we meet your expectations and exceed them often. 

We build long-standing relationships with our partners and we’ll be there with you every step of the way, offering insider tips to get the most for your brand. 

We really mean it when we say your business will be #betterwithblexr

What Our Current Partners
Say About Us

Blexr has been an indispensable partner and a great neighbour over the years. They are extremely professional, but also simply great people to work with on so many levels. They always give helpful feedback and are continuously optimising campaigns to make sure both parties get the most out of every deal.
Leo Vegas
We are very satisfied with our partnership with Blexr and it has been a pleasure to work with them. They have a professional and talented team and their growth over the past few years has come as no surprise to us. We can only recommend them to anyone looking for valuable traffic.
We are delighted to work with Blexr. Their account managers are nothing short of stellar: friendly, quick to react, and always ready to provide assistance. They are very precise with how they run marketing campaigns, as well as how they use different tracking links for each site page, geo, and device. Their attention to detail means their campaigns are fully optimised. We look forward to many successful years working together.
Hero Gaming
Blexr has been a high-value partner of ours for years. The reasons are simple: extremely professional and motivated staff, true expertise in the digital marketing field and eagerness to bring great results. Month after month we have gained a grand amount of conversions, thanks to the high-value leads they’ve supplied. It’s been a fantastic long-term partnership, and we are sure it will continue far into the future. There is no doubt that anyone in need of a reliable performance marketing expert should be in touch with Blexr.
Genesis Affiliates

So, What We Can Offer You?

We’ve tapped into several markets worldwide and our web properties are spread across three major verticals wherein we can promote your brand.
Online lead generation in casino, sports betting and forex is what we do best. But we have plenty of vision and we’re also open to working in other markets.
We specialise in geo-targeted advertising and can provide our partners with top-level traffic from many countries, as well as email marketing to specific market segments.
We offer our clients the ability to earn our coveted seal of approval from our most prominent site which pulls in millions of readers each month.
We’ve put together an innovative and attractive advertising package for partners who are looking to work with Blexr. There’s no time like the present.

Reach out to our commercial team for a taste of our awesome sauce and to get the ball rolling on a great partnership.