Your performance marketing heroes

Boldly going where very few dare to go

Then again, what is it that makes a team of heroes?

With great power comes great responsibility.

Everyone here is an exceptional achiever. That’s because superheroes are the exception, they’re the ones at the top of their game that refuse to give up against all odds. If you’re exceptional, you’re in the right place. Read on.

Out of the crucible.

Everyone on our team has gone through the trials that working in this industry can impose. Then they landed at Blexr. Now those trials are battle scars that we’ve learned from and that we put to good use making sure we never endure another bad day at work.

The Blexrians Assemble

All different, all specialised, all exceptional, we came together slowly and deliberately. Now we’re unstoppable. And like another team of superheroes that comes to mind, it takes someone remarkable for us to expand our ranks. Because the elite will only be truly comfortable around the elite.

You’ve eliminated the impossible... what remains is improbable. Sherlock rocked because he always looked out at the world with an almost childlike curiosity. Our ability to remain inquisitive balances out our decades of collective experience and puts us on a permanent path of innovation.

This one’s on me.

Heroes work best with their team but remain ultimately accountable for their own actions. Every Blexrian crafts their own tactics and follows them through, knowing there’s overwatch and the team for support.

Captain America?

He’d just be called ‘America’ here because we don’t do the whole rank and file malarkey. Everyone’s smart, everyone’s responsible, and everyone plays well with others. Whoever said it was tough at the top clearly never made it there.

Be like Batman.

A silent guardian, a watchful protector. There’s bound to be someone on the team who needs looking out for every now and then. Be Batman when necessary. And if you’re the one in need, we’re taking the cape and looking out for you.

Beach me up, Scottie.

We happen to be based on the mythical island of Malta, a tiny patch of Mediterranean bliss that’s warm all year round and as charming as a Bruce Wayne gala. We’d love to invite you to this year-round event so get in touch if you know that you have what it takes.


We're looking for talent that will blow our minds. If you're the right person for the job, that's not a tall order.

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