Work and Play the Blexr Way

Our Goal

We’re making waves in the online world as masters in the field of lead generation. We’re on a mission to use our digital marketing powers of awesome to connect our users with exactly what they are looking for, whether that’s a great casino, a top sportsbook, or an amazing forex broker.

Our goal is to provide value for our users, our owners, and our employees by creating work we are proud of. We do that by spending a lot of time listening to our site visitors and understanding what they want.

The Blexr

Our philosophy is simple.
Work hard, have fun,
reap the benefits.

We have a clear vision and identity, combining it with honest leadership and collaboration. We’re too busy getting things done and having fun doing it to get caught up in any of that office politics stuff.

We value transparency and open communication in the way we work, and make our workplace environment fun and exciting, to keep our people happy.

Happy Blexrians work better together and produce amazing stuff. We want them to feel good about coming into our office each day, because that’s where the real magic happens.

There’s always something brewing at Blexr HQ thanks to our HR team and their monthly fun-filled plans and schemes. We love a good pub quiz, we play sports together, and we know how to throw a dynamite party.

A good work-life balance is important to us and your well-being is our topmost priority. That’s why we offer flexible working and an exceptional benefits package, with allowances for personal travel, wellness, team-building and more. These keep our Blexrians’ spirits high.

We’re forward-thinking and growth-oriented, so we take errors with a pinch of salt. For us, making mistakes is part of the creative process. We want you to learn from your failures and grow from them.

Blexrians are insight driven, we embrace change, remain flexible and have an Agile mindset in the way we work.

Most of all, we’re family. We take care of each other and put you first–even ahead of freshly-roasted coffee.

This is the just the tip of the Blexr iceberg. It’s all in our Book of Culture, your playbook to bringing out your inner Blexrian.

The Blexr

We come from all over the world and each of us brings something unique and special to the Blexr community. We have heaps of expertise and experience, we produce awe-inspiring work and smash targets. Now’s the perfect time to partner with us! Let us introduce you to the lead members of our rock star family:

Ian Hills
General Manager (Malta)
Koen Bongers
Head of Marketing
Mike Betts
HR Manager
Lewis Essam
Head of Business Development
Tony Baitson
Senior Content Manager
Martina Otruba
SEO Growth Product Manager
Mario Cacciottolo
PR and Branding Manager
Aleksandra Lasota
Revenue Team Leader
Roberta Azzopardi
SEO Manager, Malta
Mirella Groppuso Ferreira
Scrum Master
Your Name
Your Title

Join the
Blexr Family

We believe great employees are the key to success. As we push boundaries and spread our wings further into new markets, we need talented people who match our vision to join our team of superstars. We’re looking for staff who are passionate about what they do, confident in their abilities, reliable and positive.

Working with Blexr is a huge step forward in your career. If you think you’re the missing piece in the Blexr puzzle, get in touch and send us your CV.