So What Makes Blexr So Special?

The Blexrians team genuinely love what they do! It is this passion that creates a fun, challenging and ultimately rewarding work experience.

About us

The co-founders met a decade ago as young poker players who loved the idea of turning their passion into a business. And like young men who love what they’re doing, they gave every waking moment to what was then a whole lot of fun and some spare cash.
We work hard, we grow and we succeed – and we do it the Blexr way.
Fast forward to 2015 when they formalised the fun into Blexr, turning a passion into the leading performance marketing company it is today.

In 2016 alone, we helped over 21 million users make the right decision on their Casino entertainment.

We own and develop more than 200 different properties in iGaming and Forex, and work with over 800 Partners in 46 different markets. With people all over the world visiting our web properties on a monthly basis, it’s safe to say that the Blexr way works.

The Blexr engine runs on equal amounts of respect, commitment and fun. On this fuel, incredibly talented achievers rub shoulders every day, pushing each other to reach professional and personal peaks that are the envy of the industry.

You’re wondering how you’ve gone so far without us

If you’ve been operating within any of the sectors we specialise in, you’ve just been dealt a winning hand. Get in touch and hop aboard for fun and success. If you’re working within the industry and want to take a peek at what it’s like at the very top, hit us up for fun and excellence.