Blexr Donates Bottled Water to Covid-19 Patients

Blexr has sent 500 bottles of mineral water to help Covid-19 patients at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta.

We are always happy to help out the communities in which we work and live, and so we contacted the hospital to see if we could offer any help during the ongoing pandemic.

They told us they needed bottled water for those patients infected by the coronavirus, so we quickly arranged for a delivery of 83 packs of two-litre bottles of San Michel water.

These will be given to existing and future patients admitted to the hospital with the Covid-19 disease, to help keep them hydrated while they are in isolation.

A spokeswoman for Mater Dei said: “Covid-19 patients have a fever and so we encourage them to drink as much water as possible.

“It’s better if they have bottles of water by their bed so they can keep drinking.

“They can’t leave their ward and they can’t receive visitors either, so the hospital was going to buy a lot of bottled water for them. But now we don’t have to because Blexr has bought all this water for us.”

All of us at the company wish all those affected by the virus a speedy recovery.