The Benefits of Remote Working

Our teams still have fun while working hard, even when they hold meetings online

Blexr introduced a remote working policy back in 2019 because we believe our people are happier and more productive if they have the option of working from home.

So, here’s how a few of our staff feel about working together to keep hitting targets, even when they’re out of the office.

Lewis Essam, Head of Business Development

I’m waking up a lot later than normal due to not having to travel to work.

However, I’m online and ready to go from the second I am awake as that is my responsibility. I’ve set up a small office in my spare bedroom, meaning I have a dedicated work space.

And I’m making use of breaks between meetings and tasks to get air, play with the pets (I own two rabbits) and get some food.

The biggest adaptation is finding out what meetings could have been emails or Slack messages. I find there is a lot more communication between people that would have potentially been booked in as a meeting if we were all in the office.

This type of focused, quick communication allows for more time being productive throughout the day.

Although when I do take a screen break, I have to remember to lock my laptop, otherwise I find scenarios like this….

Mario Cacciottolo, PR & Branding Manager

I like being based in an office for my working week but being employed by a company that allows you to work remotely is brilliant – it’s a great option to have.

The flexibility is a treat and comes in really useful when you have a need to be at home in the daytime – to deal with workmen, deliveries, anything like that.

I actually find that it cuts down on sick leave, because on days where I have a headache (I have a lot of them) I’m able to get a few hours of work done from home quite easily, instead of taking an occasional sick day because I can’t face dragging myself with a thumping head through traffic and into the office.

Blexr handles its flexible working policies really well, which benefits both the staff and company.

Emilia Kazerbuk, HR Advisor

The best thing about working from home is you get to spend more time with your loved ones.

In my case, I get to be close to my little girl, and we love the time we spend together, even if I’m on the computer and she’s playing with her toys in the same room.

I also feel less stressed and I get to catch up on some errands around the house which is perfect for when I need a screen break.

I’m naturally an early riser, but when I work from home, it feels good that I don’t need to rush out of the house so early in the morning.

Morning rush hour is a horrible way to start the day, so working from home means you’re calmer by the time you actually sit down to start work.

Lucas Mezencio, Senior PHP Developer

I previously worked remotely for more than two years, and being able to work from home for Blexr when you need to, or even when you just want to, is a huge advantage.

Remote working allows you to not waste time with things such as traffic and you don’t need to care about the weather when it’s raining or when it’s really hot, such as during Malta’s summer.

It is also good for your focus and for working through all your tasks and To Do lists.

Jeshua Navarro, QA Engineer

Working from home is where I’m most comfortable. I love that I can wear sweatpants all day!

I work with teammates who are based in an office abroad and it’s vital that we communicate every day. I live alone so when I work remotely, I never need to worry about finding an empty conference room every time we schedule a call.

Plus, I’m more productive as there are no distractions at home and I can focus more on my tasks.

Gaea Payton, UX Research

Working from home is both wonderful and challenging.

I organise online workshops to keep our product teams focused and working towards our goals.

I have been in meetings constantly of late. We’ve all had moments where our video has lagged or we have to drop off and come back.

We work through it. It takes a little more time and patience, but we’re figuring it out.

But my cats are thrilled to have me home! Jareth is a fuzzy Sphinx who wants nothing more than to warm my lap while I’m on meetings.

Also my husband (who always works from home) is taking this as an opportunity to try new recipes.

Faye Pace Decesare, PR & Events Co-ordinator

Blexr’s remote working policy is fantastic as you can log in from anywhere you like.

It’s very useful when I have workmen at home and someone has to be around, as it saves me from taking leave.

I also teach fitness classes in my free time, and on an intense day when I have more than one class – like one very early and one after work – I enjoy getting my tasks done from home so that I can save energy and be based on the couch where I’m most comfortable.

I also get to sleep in an extra hour and check my emails with my oats.

Working remotely also saves me trying to find parking in Sliema which can sometimes be a nightmare – it doesn’t get better than that!

Ilias Fylaktos, Devops Engineer

When I work remotely, I eat healthily because I have more control over my food. I can also exercise on my breaks. I do push-ups and sit-ups. 

I also get to see my family and when my older children see me working it makes them proud. They think how when they grow up, they want to do the same work that their dad does. 

Something else that’s really important is that I don’t experience the stress of morning traffic and getting to work on time.

I just need to wake up, exercise and I can eat my breakfast at the same time that I start working.

Maria Teuma, Junior Accountant

Being a sociable person, I’m a big fan of being in an office where I get to interact with my colleagues.

I work in a good team and I enjoy the buzz of interacting with people that I like and who I appreciate working with.

But it’s great that I can work from home when I need to.

My schedule is more flexible when I’m remote, and I can work out or go for a run before I start. I can even do that on my lunch break and it’s more convenient to shower at my own place.

But the best thing is you get a couple extra hours’ sleep in the morning, so that helps prepare you to tackle the tasks ahead.

If you’d like to work for a company that has great flexible working policies then head over to our jobs page and you too could be part of our family – wherever you are.