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Please take the time to read and understand this Cookie Notice which has been provided for Your information, as a User of this Website, for transparency purposes on Our use of cookies.

Data from Cookies

The Blexr website makes use of cookies. These are small anonymized pieces of information used by your browser and our servers to identify that you are a recurring visitor without the need to collect any of your personal information.

This technology allows us to extract and store the analysable information needed for our Population Metrics but restricts us from learning or collecting any personal data about our site visitors. We maintain that having cookies enabled on our site allows us to better our user experience due to having analysable metrics. However, should you not wish for us to track your activity to any degree, you can enable DNT on your browser. To learn about how you can enable this feature, refer to the information below:
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1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent to Your web browser by a website You visit. A cookie file is stored in Your browser and allows the website or a third-party to recognise You and make Your next visit easier and the services more useful to You. Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies a user, but personal information that We store about You may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies. In the event Personal Data is contained in the cookies, the same terms apply as set out in the Privacy Notice  shall apply. Cookies can be classified as either ‘session’ or ‘persistent’, depending on how long they last after they are placed on Your browser. Session cookies last for as long as you keep Your browser open. They expire when You close Your browser. Persistent cookies expire at a fixed point in time or if You manually delete them from Your browser, whichever occurs first.

2. What are the types of cookies We use?

2.1.   Essential Cookies: Essential cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions, such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies, and are strictly necessary to provide Our Services. They can also be placed to comply with a legal obligation. Essential cookies are session cookies, and expire once You close Your browser. The essential cookies that are used on this Website are the following:

(i)   Authentication cookies: These allow Us to identify You once You have logged in to Your Account;

(ii) User-input cookies: These allow Our Website to keep track and remember Your input when filling online forms; and

(iii) User-Interface Customisation cookies: These cookies allow You to save Your language and/or font preferences;

2.2.   Non-Essential Cookies: These are any cookies that do not fall within the definition of essential cookies. Non-essential cookies require Your consent. The non-essential cookies used on this Website are the following] :

(i)   Analysis cookies: These cookies allow Us to improve the website’s performance and services based on Your activity on Our Website. 

(ii)  Third-party cookies: In certain instances, We use third party cookies, which are cookies provided by parties other than Us. We always ensure that these parties are reputable and will respect Your privacy. We make use of the following third-party cookies:

a. Analytic/Performance Cookies: These cookies are set by:

·   Google Analytics. Such cookies help Us measure how users interact with Our Website by collecting information on clicks, time spent on the Website, pages visited on the Website, frequency, which browser is used, and whether a User visits a third-party site. This information is passed on to Google Analytics, and the feedback received is solely used to improve the Website. For further information please visit the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

·   Clicky. Such cookies provide Us with Website analytics on how Users interact with Our Website, what are the hot-points of Our Website and which are the most visited pages. Furthermore, this cookie provides Us with uptime monitoring as well. For further information please visit the Clicky Privacy Policy.

·   Hotjar. Such cookies help Us analyse the use of Our Website to obtain better feedback by combining data gathered by Google Analytics on how Our Website is being used so that We can improve Your experience.

b.   User Experience cookies: These cookies are set by:

·   addthis. We use such cookies in order to make sure You get the most efficient version of Our Website and to quickly and efficiently identify and solve any potential issues. For further information please visit Addthis Privacy Policy.

We may place social media buttons and/or plugins on the Website that allow You to connect with Your chosen social network. In order to work, the social network (such as Facebook or Twitter) will set cookies through Our Website which may then be used to enhance Your profile on the social networking site or otherwise contribute to the data they hold for the purposes outlined in their respective privacy policies.

We would like You to know that We do not store any of Your Personal Data in cookies. We anonymise all data to keep Your Personal Data as safe as possible.

3. Cookie list

The following table is a summary of the cookies that are used on Our Website:

Cookie nameSourceTYPEPurposeDurationType of Data Stored 
_ga, _gid, _gatGoogle AnalyticsThird-party, Non-essential Analytics cookieMeasuring User interaction with Website by collecting information_ga – 3 years
_gid – 1 day
_gat – 1 day
Website usage data and interaction data
Google Analytics Cookie Policy 
__cflb and __cf_bmCloudflareThird-party, non-essentialCloudflare uses the __cflb and __cf_bm cookies to maximize network resources, manage traffic, and protect our Customers’ sites from malicious traffic.1 monthsIdentifier
_jsuidClickyThird-party, Non-essentialAnalytics and monitoring20 years Depersonalised ID to distinguish new or returning visitors
Clicky Cookie Policy 
_first_pageviewClickyThird-party, Non-essentialAnalytics and monitoring10 MinutesStores number of pages user visited
heatmaps_g2g_[id_site]ClickyThird-party, non-essentialAnalytics and monitoringWhen the browser session endsStores infromation about user clicks on the website
cluidClickyThird-party, non-essentialAnalytics and monitoring20 YearsDepersonalised ID to distinguish new or returning visitors
HotjarThird-Party, Non-essential, Analytics cookieProviding information on Website usage in combination with Google Analyticspersistent / session basedDepersonalised website interaction data
Hotjar Cookie Information 
uvc, __atuvcAddthis social pluginThird-party, non-essential cookies,Social media buttons/addons/pluginsShare a page count2 yearsstores number of times this page was shared to provide users with relevant information
__cfduidAddthis social pluginThird-party, non-essential cookies,Social media buttons/addons/pluginsConnectivity of users to their social media platforms from the Website2 yearsDepersonalised plugin preferences
Addthis privacy policy
loc / Uid / ouid / uvcAddthis social pluginThird-party, non-essential cookiesSocial media buttons/addons/plugins1 yearLoc – geolocation data,
Uid, ouid – target advertisement identificator
uvc – keeps track on frequency of social media sharing
cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessaryGDPR Cookie Consent PluginFirst-party, essential cookieStaves preferences of cookie policy user selected1 yearBinary yes/no based on cookies form submission
CookieLawInfoConsentGDPR Cookie Consent PluginFirst-party, essential cookieStores information about cookie policy consent1 yearThe cookie is used to store the summary of the consent given for cookie usage. It does not store any personal data.

GDPR Cookie Consent PluginFirst-party, essential cookie Stores information about cookie policy page view1 yearBinary yes/no based on /cookies/ page view

4. How to control cookies

Most web browsers today allow You to control cookies through the settings and preferences of Your browser of choice. It is possible for You to disable cookies or set Your browser to alert You when cookies are being sent. You can delete all cookies that are already on Your computer and You can set Your browser to prevent them from being placed. If You do this, however, You may have to manually adjust some preferences every time You visit a website and some services and functionalities may not work.  To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or

We require Your consent for all non-essential cookies, which is acquired by ticking the pop-up box upon accessing the Website. Furthermore, if You wish to change Your cookie preferences with regards to Our Website please click here – Settings

5. Changes to this Cookie Notice

We may update this Notice from time to time. If We make significant changes, We will let You know but please regularly check this Notice to ensure You are aware of the most updated version.