Operational excellence comes with the territory. We dial it up to 11.

We call ourselves a performance marketing company but that's like Tony Stark saying he's a robotics expert - it wouldn't make him the life and soul of the party. We see the world as a massive potential audience and put our team of world-class experts to turn huge numbers into a trim set of qualified leads by applying a proprietary blend of SEO, Inbound & Email marketing, PPC and other channels. This carefully crafted blend is also poured into our class-leading products for lead generation. Our list of over 800 partners reads like a definitive list of chart-topping companies in casino, betting, poker and forex, all reaping the benefits of the Blexr approach - performance-oriented leads for efficiency and value.

Here's how we do it

Understanding user’s needs and desires

No job can start until we’ve thoroughly analysed what users need and want. Yet we place a special importance on what users want because it is their heart that will take decisions, even though they think they’re choosing with their minds.

Creating the user journey

Once we’ve understood what users want and need, we map out how they’re most likely to get there. This could be in the traditional ways they are used to looking for the best odds or games, but where we really excel is unearthing serendipity. Once you give the user a journey that excites them, they will be back for more.

Optimising the user’s experience

Serendipity is not enough. We focus on the adaptability it takes to understand potential players’ desires for better experiences across all platforms and devices. Users are more demanding than ever, so only those properties that offer an excellent experience will be the ones that win the future.

Sending qualified leads

By combining remarkable content with an amazing user experience and journey, we ensure that every lead that we collect and send to our clients is pre-qualified and ready for conversion. This maximises your return on financial and time investment. Higher quality leads mean better conversions, better lifetime value and ultimately, increased margins.

Product and service comparison

One of the cornerstones of our properties is a comprehensive set of sites that offer product and service comparisons. These have earned the trust of players over the years and are now held in high regard as some of the most reliable sources of information in the industry. Partnering with Blexr gives you exposure on these sites, earning your brand the legitimacy that comes with a trusted platform.

Sophisticated demographic targeting

Demographics have changed over the years. Before the 90s, we could only dream of having the targeting that the era of the internet brought along with it. However, we now use tools that bring demographics to a completely new age – taking user behaviour into consideration, because it means far more to us than age or sex.

Expert industry understanding

Our team packs enough collective expertise to cover all bases of the industry, driven to Blexr by the desire to excel. This is how we provide the most comprehensive and all-encompassing spread of services, deeply rooted in area-specific knowledge.

Highly adaptive and digitally enterprising

We’re never standing still. We were born into an industry with a rapidly shifting landscape, and this has kept us on our toes since our early days. Our road to excellence has experience at its foundation and is paved with our excitement for innovation and technical brilliance. This gives us a resilient core with the added benefit of outstanding adaptability.