We work with empowered product teams and are looking for an experienced Product Manager to lead a new initiative. The ideal candidate will bring experience in SaaS and data API/platform product management. They will formulate a winning strategy, help resource a team and generate value for our internal Product Managers. In short, we want you to work towards changing gambling affiliation for good!

Not stopping there, the successful candidate will find a revenue model to bring this project to the market as a B2B product. In the world of gambling affiliation and product comparison, the candidate will work with stakeholders to help create a clear, unique value proposition in the market and achieve success by crafting an influential position and appealing pricing model.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to apply their product managers’ skills in a way that has a considerable impact on our internal teams, whilst using innovation to take that product to the market. They will learn how to navigate the commercial complexities and nuances of the competitive gambling industry and create a competitive advantage for Blexr.

The successful candidate will embody our core values of trust, transparency, accountability, and growth mindset. These values are at the heart of everything we do, are vital for all roles throughout Blexr, and applicants must be able to show how they have demonstrated at least some of these attributes in previous employment.

Finally, they will get to make a meaningful change to the industry by putting the power of choice back into the users’ hands.