Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, just another super-day at Blexr!

If you are ambitious and motivated you are in the right place

Blexr has done away with the traditional notion of a job. We don’t recruit CVs, we team up with individuals who are at the top of their game and know there’s even more for them to learn and to give. The way we’ve unlocked that potential we thought was out of reach was by surrounding ourselves with the most ambitious people in the industry, with heroes who will push us when we need it and join our path to the top as we climb.

Open positions

All 7Commercial 1Design & UX 0Digital Marketing 3Finance 0HR & Admin 1IT & Development 0Product Management 2

Account Manager

Joining the Commercial Team and working alongside the Commercial Manager you will be someone who is eager to learn , grow & highly organised. Account Manager Optimise position of partners in the netw...

SEO Analyst

Joining the Digital Team and working alongside an already existing team of SEO Analysts you will be trained to increase traffic to all of our sites, tag quality content to increase it value and participate in ...

Ad Optimisation Specialist

As an Ad Optimisation Specialist with the Digital Marketing Department at Blexr, you are a curious, creative, highly self-motivated and well organised individual. Your sense of and attention to detail will be ...

CRO Manager

As a Conversion Rate Optimisation Manager with the Product Management Department at Blexr, you are a dynamic, data driven, and highly self-motivated individual. You are passionate for driving results and throu...

Talent Acquisition Resourcer

Blexr seeks a recruiter to enhance its talent acquisition. Growing at a rapid rate recruitment has to be done speedily and efficiently using all tools at hand.  The post will be part of the HR Team and report...


A webmaster will act as a website administrator and publisher responsible for maintaining a group of websites from Blexr's vast portfolio.   Being part of an already existing team and reporting to the Senior ...

Ad Ops & Trafficking Specialist

As an Ad Ops & Trafficking Specialist with the Digital Marketing Manager at Blexr, you are a high energy, organised multitasker who obsesses over details and thrives in a high-performance collaborative and...

We refuse to be ruled

You know the 80/20 rule. 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Well, we refuse to be ruled. We’re a team that’s all made up of the 20%. We leave the 80% of slackers to find jobs while we get together and have a blast, fueled by the desire to excel.


If you’re one of the 20% you know it. Your job is annoying and you know there’s a place out there that’s designed by people like you, for people like you. Well, this is it. We thrive on each other’s knowledge, experience and expertise within an environment that’s open and generous with its collective learning.

The path to the top

The road we take is not solitary. It is one that needs regular encounters with other talented individuals who are ready to share their mistakes and their learning. And while we’re at it, we do the same to others. All Blexrians know that they’ve gained more personal and professional growth here than anywhere else they’ve worked. Or studied.

Commitment, respect, fun

You know the ‘work hard, play hard’ adage. That’s written by people who hate what they do and need to make up for it somehow. Everyone here is deeply committed to, and respectful towards everyone else so we can do what it is we love doing without feeling like we’re working hard. If you know the reward that excellence brings with it, you’ve just stumbled across the Lost Ark. Without having to contend with snakes. Indy hates snakes.

“I remember my first day at Blexr. It was refreshing then, seeing that I was immersed within a culture that got me and that I could relate to. It’s just as refreshing today, four years into my career here, boldly splitting infinitives that have not been split before and having people around me who know what I’m on about. Most of the time.” - Tony Baitson - Senior Webmaster.